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hey friends. it's pretty close to the end of spoop season here which is sad.

remember that time i said i was going to color more drawings? lol me neither
hopefully i will get to /sometime/ before the end of the year. where so much this year and last, graphic edits/paintings have become more of my job and less of my hobby, i rarely get time to even let out my creative flow freely onto a sketchpad, and when I do, it's usually very late at night and i'm thankful for every moment of it.

i miss the days where i could stay up all night drawing whatever i wanted, back in my teen years where i sucked sooo bad, but God, I loved being able to create. I've come a very long way since i started my account (nearly 9 years! holy smokes). thanks every one of you for being there along the way.

many blessings to you all, mliz
i'm alive, and i cleaned up my gallery a lot, so less of the ugly/old/cringe-worthy crap from my awkward teen years aren't there anymore. yet somehow people are finding them and +fav running them. send help.

maybe I can come up with some colored, professional drawings in a bit. I want to get back into the habit of coloring pictures soon.

Hope you all are doing well. -mliz
I made a new group for Finding Nemo fans and things of the like. :iconthebigblueworld:
It would be just super if you would join, submit deviations or suggest favorites, yah? [whispers] some admin help would be nice too because Finding Nemo is a brilliant film that needs recognition basically also i love you
It's been quite a year for me.

I remember sitting around in January of this year, thinking, "what the heck is going to happen this year?" and never in my life did I expect anything that did.

I have met a majority of the people I idolize and had the privilege of basking in their talent as well. I've had the opportunity to have said admired people compliment and even sign my art, which is enough to make me eternally happy.

Art is my passion. Drawing, painting, capturing things into my own style, is the thing I love most, and this year I was granted something I have wanted my whole life as a fan: recognition. My art has skyrocketed in attention in these past months, where ages ago my time and effort into my passion had gone unnoticed, even after years. 2013 proved that I have friends who care about it, and expect more of it from me, and get excited about it, and I even used it for good! I've also had the pleasure of people I admire, admire my work. As a fan, and an artist, that is inexplicably satisfying.

I also did a lot more well-needed growing up. I'm 18 now. I don't even know what to do with myself.

I traveled to Chicago, a city I've wanted to cross off of my bucket list for my whole life.

It's strange. I have no idea what to expect for 2014. Maybe my life will change, again.
My birthday is in one month from today, and part of my strange tradition I've started over the past 4 years as a deviant, I'm going to add to my collection of Journal entires on September 2nd like so.

Starting October 2nd, requests will no longer be free. Instead, I'll have them up for commission. Pricing and details will be added later.

Pretty much the only thing I want for my birthday is a Nintendo 3DS with animal crossing new leaf. Also, I'll be turning 18. No tattoos or cigarettes or nightclubbing for me. So, what am I going to do to celebrate, you ask? The same exact thing I've been doing every year: nothing of that sort. *throws confetti*

Let me share with you where I've been these past few months of the summer that I've been so anxiously awaiting to pass by (with the exception of the end of July) in anticipation for the fall.

:bulletred: I went to Chicago and watched Team Starkid perform their latest musical, Twisted, and it was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had in my life.
:bulletred: I also went to New York city for the day with my brother. Not to mention I had another experience with my favorite actor of all time, Zachary Levi. (:giggle:) Who couldn't take photos at the time but hell is he gorgeous in real life.</i>
:bulletred: I've also been to a few church events here and there and have become accepted and even appreciated by a lot more people than I could have imagined! With the close of my 17th year, I've gained much more confidence in myself! :)

So I suppose it's safe to say that I have no possible idea where the rest of the year is going to bring me to. Ever since I got home from Chicago, I've felt a bit empty inside. I worked so hard and sacrificed so much to make it there and it was everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. I'm sure I might get some kind of something for my birthday, maybe a new pair of converse (which would be fantastic) but other than that, the rest of the year is a roll of the dice.

Here's to turning 18 soon.
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See ya in 2 weeks. I'm also going to Wisconsin. I'll let you know if I meet any Starkid actors. Or even Joey, if the stars are aligned correctly.

Look out Starship Rangers....Here I am, and here I come....
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I really love how active I've been with drawing and uploading things to my DA account lately! I'm really glad to be an active user again, to keep my gallery alive and balance out some old with new. It feels great!

However, I often neglect checking my messages that aren't feedback because I just get so much from groups and I've been trying as hard as I can to clean them up and get to some of my friend's art, you know!? I feel sorry if I've forgotten you or something.

What has been causing my increase in deviations of this year lately was the overwhelmingly unexpected large response  I got of requests from people who donated to Craig the Genie Kickstarter (whom I promised drawings to!) and I am more than ECSTATIC to have received such requests, because I find myself drawing people I have always wanted to but never got around to, and being much more active in my artwork and community! I've risen from the dead, so to speak, to bring you good tidings of mediocre drawings! Hooray! :la:

On a more personal note, I'm leaving for Chicago in just over 2 weeks to see Team Starkid's latest musical, Twisted! I'm SO EXCITED! :dance: I've never seen a Starkid show live before, OR been to Chicago! It's going to be a life changing experience, I can already tell. :giggle: And, if you know me, you'd know that Team Starkid taking on Disney is making me more than nerdgasm. :faint:

Like I said, I want to be friends with all of you again, so let's start fresh! I want to stalk you and your drawings and be friends with ALL OF YOU! :glomp:

Hugs and butterfly kisses,
Mary Liz
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It doesn't matter at all where I'm from! Look out, Starship Rangers, because here I am, and HERE I COME!.

Just casually jamming to the Starship Soundtrack whilst mentally planning the actual large possibility that I might be going to Chicago to see Starkid's lastest musical, Twisted! I'm going through a major Starkid kick, and I'm really hoping to see their latest musical, Twisted, in Chicago on its opening weekend! At first I was going to San Diego Comic Con, and I actually wasn't, because it was such a long shot, and waaay too much money, so I asked my parents about going to see Starkid, and they actually sounded really approving of it! It's only one day, and I'm hoping to get the VIP meet and greet too!

It's in late July, the 20th actually, so I mean, it's still kind of a long shot.... but who care's about normal, I'll never conform, I'll be content to resent the status QUOOOOOOO!
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Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi HELLOOOO HUMANS!

Take a guess why I'm really excited. Go on, guess. If you guessed because I'm going to Orlando tomorrow at 4 am, you guessed right! :D!

I'm finally going back to Disney World~~ Literally the only thing I look forward to during the year! I can't wait to go back to my favorite city in the world hehehehehe! My boyfriend's in Fort Lauderdale right now, which is only a couple hours from Orlando, so he says he's dying to drive up and see me as soon as I get there!~ And I get to take my car! Minnie, you here that? You're going back home! :D :D

And the best part is no parents! Just my best friends and boyfriend and hot sunny weather and the Happiest Place on earth for the rest of the month! On the first of February my parents and family are coming down and then I'm hitching a ride with them to Fort Lauderdale. Bummed only because there's no Disney there, but, that's where my boyfriend lives, so being within miles of each other is a dream come true in our long distance relationship!

Aaaaand I'm also gonna go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Expecto Patronum on that!

I'm going to be posting a ton of photos. See you all then! Allons-y!
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I want to draw so much spoiler art but I love all you strangers too much....

....I have a whole new appreciation for arcades now. I spent all day at one today.

So go see this film now because you will love it take my word for it ok bye.
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One of my best friends named Christina Townsley, better known as Tennie, (pronounced Teeney.) got hit with a car while crossing the street on Wednesday night at 9:30. Her skull was spilt open and was on life support for an hour until she took her last breath and died.

Her funeral is this Tuesday. I can't even believe what I'm hearing. It just feels like a sick dream to me.

Tennie was a good friend of mine, she was beautiful, talented and never two-faced, never told a lie or started a rumor. She was only 15. One day, all of my friends and myself are going to grow up and get married and live wonderful lives and Tennie is going to remain 15, always remembered as the girl who never grew up.
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cause this is thrillerrrr! woooo hooo
I might draw something for that. Anyway

MY BIRTHDAY IS IN ONE WEEK! I'm turning 17! I am very excited not just for that, but for the month of October in general! Autumn is my favorite season. Chilly weather, hoodies/jeans/sneakers, beautiful leaves changing colour, Halloween, Scary Movies, haunted houses, bonfires! What's not to love.

I'm gonna miss being sixteen, however. It was a pretty great year, but I'm ready to be 17. I want a few things for my birthday....Titanic and Avengers on Blu-ray. ....I dunno. That's my 2 things I want. I mainly want this person to ask me out considering we've been talking for months now and we will see each other the following weekend so I think it's a pretty good set up what ...and maybe a new phone? Or anything my friends are willing to buy/draw for me? :shrug: beats me! ;)

In nerdy news I saw Finding Nemo in 3D last week. 'Twas awesome, totally worth the 3D, and I got these neat orange 3D glasses too. I loved re-living the story.

And I'm headed back to LA/Disneyland this January! TOTALLY STOKED! I get to go to Cars Land.
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Hello everyone! Not sure what to put in this journal. Have any art suggestions? I may draw them. I've had art block lately, it's the worst. I need to upload more to my gallery. I draw every day, but I'm just too lazy to scan or just plain out of ideas.

I think I'll just blabber about nonsense here....

I'm really excited to see ParaNorman...except I won't be able to until Monday or Tuesday the least. :cry:

Can there be A Series of Unfortunate Events fandom party somewhere? Please?

two words: SHARK WEEK. :evillaugh:

My birthday's in Just over a month and a half. October 2nd. :D I'm going to be 17! :party:

I really want the Avengers. Like, I REALLY want the Avengers on bluray afldngjkh. Also Titanic and Indiana Jones on blu-ray......and I want something cool. Like a record player. Or a VCR.

I have a tumblr/twitter/youtube/instagram all under the name xphantomred! ehehehe
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i would really, really appreciate that

i might just draw you something

or 5 things depending on how much i love you

(spoiler: i love you a lot)
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:bulletred: Paris, I came back from that.
:bulletred: London too.
:bulletred: I'm going to see brave today omgomgomgomogmogmgomgmondjkgfhljlskgfjdh
:bulletred: I've been drawing lots of Avengers lately. And soon Brave.
:bulletred: The Avengers is the best freakign mvoie evar ok
:bulletred: My real life has had a lot of drama for your mama lately. That's Sarah's fault.

I've also been writing Phantom Red lately :D It's my super hero OC and her story. I promise I've been doing good. Not that Cirque le peur shit. no. But you're going to like it. I want to blow yo' mind gurl

follow me on tumblr suckaaaas

I'll be back later with a review of Brave. yeeeeeeeeey
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I fly out at 4 PM to Philadelphia, PA and from there to Paris at 6:25 PM. Gonna be in Paris for 4 days, traveling to London taking one day, staying in London for 3 days 2 nights and traveling home 1 day. Gone for about 8 days. Ar revior!  

Did I mention I'm going to Disneyland Paris? This is a big deal for me. Because I don't live anywhere near Paris and I love Disneyland akfdjghgjslaskdjf
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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 11, 2012, 8:13 AM
WASSUP MY WATCHAS. If you've known me for over a year then you'd know that right now, it's time for my family and I to pack our things and head to the sunshine state for the winter. We're leaving today and we won't be back home until March. Which means, like always, I can't upload any kind of art, and I'll have scarce internet. :( But good news comes out of this (for me at least), I'm going to Disney world! :D!! That's right, I'm going to be there in 2 DAYS!!!!! I've finally reached the end of my journey, and I'm coming home, boys! So yeah I'll have tons of photos of that. And Harry Potter land.

Also, Tangled Ever After. YOU GUYS. It's almost here!

I gotta skeddadle. I'll update you guys soon!


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Once Upon A December

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 7, 2011, 5:32 PM
Hey guys! It's my 2nd favorite month of the year, December! (My first is October of course.) It's Christmas time, which brings just a little extra magic in the air than usual, Christmas or otherwise. Also in Maryliz's mind it's Pixar month, and I always enjoy one or more Pixar classic during this month (last year it was toy story[s], this year it's Wall-e and a tad of Up.) To start of the season, I actually haven't seen any movies because I've been so busy with all my driving school work! But that's alright because I PASSED and I get my driver's license on January 8th without ANY delay! :headbang: Which is right before I head down to Florida this year for the winter which means, I get to drive myself to Disney World EVERY DAY!! I have an annual pass so it's FREE!!!!!

That reminds me, I leave down for it in 39 days and I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! Every Day since February 27th, 2011 I have been dreaming about my next trip there and I have finally found out that as every day goes by, my soul LONGS to return, and as it gets closer to the line, I have more dreams about going back, more excitement, more adrenaline!! Really there's no place like it to me, and it's where my truw heart belongs. I'm actually glad I don't live there and that i'm only there for the winter because if I went every day I'd be sick of it, and I'm glad I have a whole 10 month time slot to rebuild my excitement like I always do <3 and I can't believe it's only 39 days away.....I remember when it was in the endless 200's! :love:

Also, today I got my Wisdom teeth removed. OW. It was very painful and I'm still very sick and tired. x( But at least I've been eating tons of ice cream and watching Disney movies all day. Currently I'm watching a Disney Parks documentary and eating caramel and red velvet ice cream. :giggle:

Also while I was high off of meds today, I thought of the perfect storyline if Phantom Red had her own story, I dunno if it was because I was high but still I think it's a pretty good idea

Not saying anything....But still. :P

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News from the Underground

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 10, 2011, 2:50 PM
So APPARENTLY, I came FIRST PLACE in a Disney AMV Contest. *throws confetti* I think this is so awesome for me! I feel much more confident in making AMVs now, and i'm totally gonna make more! :D

This is the AMV that won 1st place:…

This is the results video, where about 4:30 in (maybe a little later) you can see I won 1st place in the CG category. :D

....And yeah, that's about it really. I get to Disney World in 66 days! Whoop whoop!

Deviation Background credit goes to paujas! I don't take credit!

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